Food and social enterprises in harmony


Food and social enterprises in harmony

Great to see two of my passions fit so well together.

I’m sure there are great examples of this in Scotland as well as south of the border.



Fairtrade confusion


Fairtrade confusion

When I read stories like this my heart sinks… how can I make ethical, socially & environmentally responsible purchases if the certification standards aren’t up to scratch?

Land Reform Review Group publish report


Land Reform Review Group publish report

The Land Reform Review Group published a report today, commissioned by the Scottish Government, they set out 62 recommendations in 260 pages. One of which is that an upper limit on the amount of land held privately in Scotland should be introduced. It also calls for an increase in community ownership, ending the involvement of crown estate commissioners and an overhaul of the tax system.

I look forward to following what happens in the wake of these recommendations…. will they help solve this complex problem?

Full report here –

Andy Wightman’s response here –