Water security in Tanzania


Interesting article on the back of my recent trip to Tanzania – http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/tanzania-water-shortage-business-private-public-partnership?CMP=new_1194


Go Places Cars Can’t


places cars can't

Love this Do the Green Thing poster!

Go Places Cars Can’t by Edward Tuckwell

Designer and Illustrator Edward Tuckwell has created a warm, scenic poster that would give even the most hardened petrol head pause for thought. His evocative illustration reminds us that there are some spectacular places that two wheels can take you, where four wheels cannot.

‘Besides the healthier and more engaging commute to work, I truly believe that there is greater excitement and fulfilment to be had from traveling by bike,’ says Edward. ‘It opens possibilities to carve your own path, either through a busy city, or in the countryside where discovering new and hidden places becomes a regular desire. Driving can often feel detached from the world in which you are moving through, whereas cycling provides a tactile connection to the environment that is hard to replicate. Riding will take you to places that cars can?t reach, or would never see, to the secluded gems that become private hangouts and provide memories that never fade.’