An inspirational and hopefully achievable vision for the food system from the Common Weal



Should we pay more for our food?


Really interesting article addressing this question by Alex Renton –

I’m inclined to say yes (but with some reservations for those already in food poverty)… a difficult balance.

Another article on this topic from Compassion in World Farming – here

Food Security in a Shrinking World


Guest blog by Pete Ritchie on the Scottish Land Action Movement page –

“In a shrinking world, if our land is not for feeding our people sustainably into the future, then what is it for?”  – access to land for food growing has to get easier, esp. for small communities.

A fair trade label for milk


A follow up to my post earlier this month about milk being cheaper than water….

Patrick Holden of the Sustainable Food Trusts calls for a ‘fair trade’-esque label for milk. YES PLEASE!