Slow Food Youth Network Scotland


I recently went along to one of the first meetings of the newly established Slow Food Youth Network in Scotland. Slow Food has been on my radar for a while, but with the exciting development of the SFYN, I finally managed to go along to find out more.

The establishment of the SFYN in Scotland occurred on the back of Carlo Petrini’s (SF founder) visit to Scotland in February (see earlier blog post) and is being driven for the meantime, during the initial stages, by Charlotte Maberly of QMU Gastronomy (her description of SFYNS below).

SFYN Scotland – what it is?

SFYN is an international network of young people who care about Good, Clean, Fair food for all. It is based in the Slow Food philosophy, supported by that international movement, but is its own entity. SFYN is a dynamic and flexible platform for speaking out about food issues which can include young people from all backgrounds and professions who care about food. In Scotland, it will be a positive voice of Scotland’s youth that is able to respond to local issues, but which is connected to a wider international network. More about SFYN international

What are we going to do?

SFYN Scotland’s online presence will connect young people across Scotland and internationally, to raise awareness, cultivate dialogue and create action around food issues.

SFYN often uses public, inclusive and visually engaging events to speak out on food issues. These include Eat-InsDisco Soups (click link to learn about culinary disobedience :), Film Festivals, public lectures, educational workshopsDrink-Ins, art exhibitions & installations, food growing projects … and anything else that can be imagined! 
 SFYN Scotland
Here are some things I learnt at the meeting:
  • There are many branches of the SFYN across the world – the group in the Netherlands is a particularly strong, active example.
  • SFYN – offers a single platform/voice for good, clean, fair food – crucially it is a platform for many voices – meaning it has a greater presence and power.
  • 97.3% of food in the UK is bought in supermarkets.
  • SF – focus on cultural diversity, biodiversity and indigenous food diversity through projects such as Ark of Taste and Terra Madre.
  • SF ethos is to celebrate and enhance the good, rather than focus on the bad – all about inspiring positive change.
  • SFYN – also a platform for campaigning effectively – a mechanism to teach others and affect change in local areas.
  • SFYN – there are no rules and no big infrastructure – it is very flexible and can do a huge range of things and respond to local issues – all from a perspective of positive change. It is organic and not reliant on funding.
  • SFYN Scotland aims to close the rural-urban gap in Scotland.
  • SFYN UK is holding a major event in Bristol on May 4th – an ‘Eat-In’ – for more see here.

Slow Food in Scotland links:

SFYN Scotland – facebook & twitter

Slow Food Scotland – formation at UK AGM & twitter

Slow Food Edinburgh website & twitter

Watch this space (or twitter) for the official launch event of SFYN Scotland!


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