Food and farming policy asks for the new Government


From SFC

Sustain has compiled a list of food and farming policies they would like to see the new Government adopt. They believe Government has an opportunity, and a responsibility, to fix a food and farming system which is increasingly unfit for purpose.

Short-term and long term priorities have been put together to inform decision-making.

Short-term include:

  • Require all food companies providing goods and services in public sector contracts, pay the living wage
  • Ban the routine preventative use of antibiotics
  • Review and strengthen Government Buying Standards for food, to ensure public money is invested in wider social, economic and environmental benefits, and to ensure vulnerable groups such as young children, hospital patients and older people in care receive good food
  • Introduce a 9pm watershed for junk food ads on television
  • Introduce a 20p per litre sugary drinks duty
  • Designate and rigorously protect the 127 UK Marine Conservation Zones
  • and more

Detailed long term asks by theme here.


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